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We are an Adelaide-based styling party business, offering premium services with unique party designs to celebrate the precious moment of our clients.


We at Whoosah Party are committed to bringing our clients the best quality of products and the best experience of services.


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Celebrate your party to new heights with Whoosah Party


Our Balloons are 100%  Organic and


our party package are uniquely designed just for you.


we have  various Balloon gifts and


 3 Party P   ckages to make your day truly memorable. 

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    ~Relax and Whoosah will take care the rest~

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Balloon Gift


Party Package


''Amazing business with everything you could possibly need for a party. Staff are very friendly, obliging and go above and beyond to help you.''

Rebecca M.

''When you need something that bit different for a special occasion, go Whoosah. Thousands of designs in all shapes and sizes. Air filled or helium is your choice.

 It's all here. There is no hidden or hassle fees, you just need to let them know what you want!''

Tony H.

''I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the Balloon bouquet I received this morning. They are fantastic. 

Thank you once again for ensuring I had the goodies in time for my daughters party this weekend.''

Angus N.


Trees From Above

Environmental Commitment

Tie Down,

Don't Release

  • Releasing balloons in the air can cause harm to wildlife and marine life. It could also become tangled in power lines and turn into litter

  • Children with balloons should always be monitored. 

  • When finished with balloons, pop them and properly dispose of them

Proper Disposal & Repurposing

  • Balloons are a a great option when considering decor. The environment footprint is much smaller than most paper, Styrofoam, inks, and plastics used in the majority of party supplies.

  • Whoosah Party have also implemented a collect and reuse procedure for materials such as framing and high end florals and foliage to ensure our waste is minimised.  These items are collected and stored for future re-use.

  • Whoosah Party uses only the highest quality materials in all things we create and use. Our suppliers source their latex from sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations. This contributes to building healthy forests, thriving communities and fights climate change.

  • Latex balloons are 100% organic,  biodegradable, compostable and photodegradable.

The highest quality


Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

Whoosah Party is a proud and active member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA).

Members of PEBA do not support, or condone, nor will they facilitate the deliberate release of balloons and promote the correct disposal of balloons.

We support the sale of helium balloons by balloon professionals that follow responsible practices and standards.